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Expanding Austability’s Germany European Command (EUCOM) presence
Austability GmbH, an Austability Group wholly owned subsidiary, was awarded another Integrated Base Operations Support Services (BOS) project in Germany.
Austability Group wins another award in Africa Command (AFRICOM)
Austability continues to expand its portfolio of operational support services in Niger.
Austability Expands its AFRICOM Operations
Austability has increased its integrated base operations support (BOS) services in Niger.
Austability Group wins another award in European Command (EUCOM)
Austability is now providing its integrated base operational support services in Lithuania.
Austability Group Stands in Support of United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Austability Stands in support of a historical decision by UAE Government to move the end of the working week to Saturday and Sundays.
Austability continues to expand in EUCOM

Austability has expanded its operations in Germany via a recent contract award for fuel operations. Provision of these services are in support KBR and the U.S. Department of The Army Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP V)