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Advisory and Knowledge Transfer

"Train, Advise and Assist"

Advisory and Knowledge Transfer (AKT)

There is no “one size fits all” Train, Advise and Assist (TAA) approach. As the environment, we live and operate in continues to evolve, so must our skills and knowledge if we, as western liberal democracies are able to counter contemporary terrorism and related transnational serious organised crime. 

Austability’s unique approach to bespoke skills enhancement programs and related doctrines is always tailored to the specific needs of clients and their operating environment.

Advisory and Knowledge Transfer (AKT)

One of and perhaps the most important Austability differentiators is our ability to take the time and understand the operating environment and our development of associated strategies and countermeasures. This refined understanding ensures that Austability's strategies are sustainable, simple, and deliverable by, with, and through key stakeholders.

Austability’s in-house expertise and globally acknowledged leadership, backed up by our unique network of specific subject matter experts and industry partners are configured to meet your needs. Implementation and delivery of internationally accepted and recognised TAA frameworks. Austability provides strategies to build new capabilities or improve and enhance existing operational capacity and effect.

When the governments need assistance to establish operating bases and rule of law in post-conflict, or natural disaster environments, Austability can be called upon to design, develop and implement DOTMLPF solutions.

"We provide a combination of deep customer understanding, proven technological expertise, and practical experience in implementing sustainable strategies. "

Austability’s AKT Train, Assist and Advise services include, but are not limited to:

  • Investigative and intelligence gathering
  • Emergency vehicle operations
  • Advanced riot control
  • K-9 programs (drug detection, currency detection, arson detection etc)
  • Border protection
  • Search and rescue
  • Critical infrastructure security and protection
  • Leadership assessment and development