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Building a Quantum Future for the Defense Industry

A Next Generation of Warfare 

The world is fast entering a new generation of warfare - Quantum. But what does this mean? According to NATO, the implications of emerging quantum technologies in the defense and security industry will be disruptive. Whilst having the ultimate quantum computer available and ready in real time for practical application is still a way off, there is a growing sense of urgency and hype. This has pushed militaries, nations and private defense companies into a race to develop quantum warfare solutions so they can identify and exploit disruptive applications before their rivalries.

Governments from technologically advanced nations including the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, China, India, Middle East and European Union are already at war before Quantum has reached its potential, as nations fight to partner with the world’s best physicists, scientists and research organizations, investing billions into quantum research to develop advanced quantum technologies and defense applications.

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