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Vanguard Award

Austability Group Ltd. Received Vanguard Award at the 2023 ISOA Global Impact Awards Ceremony

Tysons, Virginia - Austability Group Ltd. (AGL) proudly accepted the Vanguard Award at the 2023 ISOA Global Impact Awards Ceremony held last night. The gala event, attended by distinguished figures and organizations from the defense sector, recognized AGL's notable contributions in stability, contingency, and recovery operations within the defense industry.

The Vanguard Award recognised AGL’s integrated Base Operations Support Services (BOSS) in Eastern Europe.

Running and maintaining a camp in a war zone is not an easy task, but AGL’s highly trained team is always ready for such situations. AGL constructed a fully functional camp in a war zone in Western Ukraine in the late spring of 2022. Despite a short deadline to complete and open the camp during the summer, AGL reacted promptly and called upon its Client Emergency Response Team (CERT) to make it possible. AGL mobilized this project using both its Resource Acquisition and Sustainment Directorate and its Advisory and Knowledge Transfer Directorate, integrating both Directorates, which was the key to the mission's success in an active conflict zone. The CERT team worked with Ukrainian officials to design, construct, and operate a dedicated aid base, following AGL’s client instruction (a US Based not for profit and their donors).

AGL’s differentiators are its ability to be first on the ground, first to respond, and deliver critical support when other options are not available. This was demonstrated by AGL’s CERT which also sprang into action over the 2022 Christmas and New Year period to meet the expeditionary and rapid mobilization timelines of our client. Despite facing the challenge of delivering more than 250 tons of materials and equipment within a timeframe of 72 hours, our team was able to achieve this feat with great efficiency.

The success of those projects can be attributed to AGL's strategic posture and positioning in mission-critical areas of operation, as well as our team's qualifications, technical knowledge, experience, and skill set. We engaged suppliers throughout Europe, including local suppliers, to make this possible and meet our client's expectations.

The Vanguard Award is a recognition for AGL’s continuous efforts and motivation to provide strategically aligned BOSS. Further proof of our ability to provide excellent service is through our expeditious way of working and proactive steps which also serves as a tangible testament to AGL's unwavering dedication to ensure customer satisfaction. We will remain committed to being at the forefront of work instability, contingency, disaster, or recovery operations, and we are always ready to respond to any emergency situations that may arise.

David Khandan, the President and CEO of AGL., expressed his appreciation for the event and this award, stating, "I’m here as an ambassador for everyone that works for Austability, and it is a hard work that put us here." He also added, "The chance to interact with industry leaders from all facets of our field is both humbling and enlightening. AGL remains dedicated to supporting ISOA’s mission and the industry as a whole."

With great anticipation, all of AGL’s subsidiaries, as well as its team members, we look forward to future collaborations and projects that will contribute to securing peace and stability in any part of the world.

Vanguard Award