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Austability Group Ltd. continues its support of ISOA by being the 2023 ISOA Global Impact Awards Ceremony Gold Sponsor

Austability Group Ltd. (AGL), is proud to announce its participation as a Gold Sponsor at the esteemed 2023 ISOA Global Impact Awards Ceremony. The highly anticipated event is scheduled on June 20 in Tysons, Virginia.

The ISOA Global Impact Awards Program serves as a platform to acknowledge and commend the outstanding achievements of member companies. The event will see the presentation of more than fifteen prestigious awards across seven distinct categories, each highlighting remarkable accomplishments within the defense sector, for both companies and individuals. The seven categories will encompass the Vanguard Award, Support to Ukraine, Afghanistan SIV and Refugee Resettlement Operations Awards, Innovation Award, Women, Peace and Security, Private Sector Lifetime Achievement Award and Government Sector Lifetime Achievement Award.

AGL’s decision to participate as a Gold Sponsor at this distinguished event denotes our unwavering commitment in supporting and advancing the defense industry. This exclusive event will provide us with a unique opportunity to engage with influential leaders, clients, competitors and vendors whilst fostering valuable connections and expanding its network within the sector.

In an exciting development, AGL has decided to nominate some of its noteworthy projects for consideration in two award categories: the Vanguard Award and Support to Ukraine within our tier. These nominations showcase AGL’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence and delivering exceptional solutions to the defense sector's most pressing challenges. By participating in the awards program, it further demonstrates AGL's dedication to brilliance and our pursuit of industry-wide recognition.

AGL’s US based small business and strategic partner, Amstability, will also play a significant role at the event as a Presenting Sponsor. The collaboration between AGL and Amstability further underscores our shared commitment to driving positive impact and innovation within the defense industry. AGL and Amstability’s alignment will undoubtedly influence and contribute to the success and prestige of the ISOA Global Impact Awards Ceremony.

The ISOA Global Impact Awards Ceremony will present an invaluable opportunity for AGL to showcase its accomplishments, connect with industry leaders, and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals. By participating as a Gold Sponsor, it will further demonstrate our dedication to driving positive change and strengthening our position as a thought leader within the defense sector.

As the 2023 ISOA Global Impact Awards Ceremony approaches, we are looking forward to the event with enthusiasm, and we are excited to celebrate the industry's remarkable achievements whilst contributing to its continued success. We remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation, excellence, and forging meaningful connections, ensuring that we continue to be a valued partner and an influential member within the ISOA and the broader defense industry.

Gold Sponsor
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