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Fence Installation project

Expanding Austability’s Germany European Command (EUCOM) presence

March 2022, Austability GmbH, an Austability Group wholly owned subsidiary, was awarded another Integrated Base Operations Support Services (BOS) project in Germany and thus expanding Austability Group’s service provision and presence in EUCOM.

This latest task order is in support of security measures enhancement via installation, repairs and maintenance of chain linked fencing with barbed wire.

Austability’s German based Integrated Base Operations Support Services team has completed the Fence Installation services in accordance with various ISO standards and via continued inspections, repairs and maintenance will ensure the correct quality management measures are in place.

The award of this project was based on Austability Group’s ability to demonstrate agility and expeditionary mobilisation capabilities.

Austability’s team in Germany now have the ongoing task of providing qualified personnel with appropriate technical knowledge, experience, and skill set for efficient and compliant operations in support of KBR’s LOGCAP V EUCOM mission.

There is no doubt that the hard and dedicated work of the Austability team has been recognized by our partners, clients and government institutions. We will continue to provide service excellence via expeditionary and client satisfaction focused modus operandi.

Fence Installation project
Security Fencing