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Austability Team in Qatar

The Continuous Expansion of Austability’s Presence in Al Udeid Air Base (AUAB) in Qatar

Austability proudly continues to provide base operations support services at the Al Udeid Air Base (AUAB) and this time the company has been awarded for DFAC Consumables and Labor Support Services.

Austability has been awarded its first contract for Consumables at AUAB in the beginning of 2021 and continues to receive positive reviews and an exceptional performance scorecard.

With our proven outstanding procurement capabilities and excellent customer services, a new contract has been awarded on top of the Consumables – the provision of Other Countries Nationals (OCNs) Services in Dining Facilities (DFAC) at AUAB. It’s scope includes but is not limited to:

  1. Food Services Staff Labor;
  2. DFAC Equipment Maintenance and Repairs; and
  3. Maintenance, Inspection and Cleaning of Existing Hood and Duct Systems.

Sponsorship Services for the United States Nationals (USNs) has also been added as part of the Contract.

In order to fulfil the SOW and to ensure the best value for money and quality assured services for our client, Austability has selected and engaged its strategic Qatari-based partner, Al Tamimi Group (ATG) as its main lower-tier contractor. 

These services were not only being offered in Qatar, but also at bases in other countries such as Al Dhafra Air Base (ADAB) in the United Arab Emirates and Air Base 201 (AB201) in Niger where we have successfully been providing our services since 2019.

The Austability team is always ready to take on projects where we have the most experience and expertise, and we are always open to new business opportunities and challenges anywhere in the world.

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