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Austaiblity booth

Austability’s Participation in the ISOA Warsaw Conference as a Platinum Sponsor

The recent International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) Warsaw Conference is now behind us, and our overall conclusion is that it was remarkably successful. The Austability Team would like to express our sincerest gratitude for this opportunity to attend and collaborate with some great people and invaluable experts from the industry. 

Austability was a proud Platinum sponsor at the conference, and since the conference exceeded our expectations with the matchmaking sessions and great panels that we attended, we are elated with our decision to support such a great event. 

During the three days of the Warsaw ISOA conference, we discussed many important topics, issues and challenges related to “Ukraine and the Changing Landscape of Europe.” We are also delighted with the great business networking and joint effort to make improvements and progress in stability operations in this region. In addition, we are honored to have had an opportunity to contribute and engage in conversations surrounding security and regional issues. 

General director of Austability, David Khandan stated. “The theme of the ISOA conference was 'Ukraine and the Changing Landscape of Europe.' I can say with confidence that ISOA must be congratulated for achieving the theme exactly as it was intended. The Austability team managed to participate, contribute, and renew many friendships. There will be challenging times ahead for Europe hence, assisting Ukraine to recover from this devastating war will be high on the Austability Group’s agenda, as it will also be high on the international community’s agenda and other ISOA member companies. ISOA members must celebrate how as members we always manage to come together and contribute to overcoming significant challenges whilst looking forward to a renewed future.”

The Austability team is looking forward to the future where we will collaborate with industry experts and leaders to further discuss stability in the region and a range of important topics at upcoming conferences.


Warsaw conference