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Austability Group Stands in Support of United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Austability stands in support of a historical decision by UAE Government to move the end of the working week to Saturday and Sundays.

Austability Global DMCC (AGD), Austability’s footprint in the UAE announces that it will follow the UAE Governments lead and move its UAE based operations end of working week to Saturday and Sundays. 

This Austability move is in solidarity and support of UAE Government’s historical decision to move end of working week to Saturday and Sundays, a move that we have no doubt will benefit businesses such as Austability that have a home in the UAE, as well as operating on a Global scale. 

Austability’s support of this move is also a testament to Austability’s thought leadership mindset and DNA.  

Finally, the support of this move will also greatly benefit our international clients that have a working week from Monday to Friday, Austability considers it reasonable to do the same in our offices in the UAE.

From Saturday, January 1, 2022 all AGD employees in the UAE started working from Monday to Friday, and weekend days are now moved to Saturday and Sunday.  

We sincerely believe that this change will have a positive impact on the daily lives of our employees both at work and in their free time.